About Rally

The prints in the series Rally, pair the black and white images of a night-time Klan Rally taken in 1979 with digital color images of Alabama skies. The rally was held in Gardendale, Alabama a working class suburb of Birmingham on a Sunday night. Everyone was in full regalia, including children who were playing under trucks, running in the fields or eating ice cream cones. The adults held shotguns upright and out from their bodies because they were loaded. In the dark the cross was burned with a ritual circle, marching and chanting.

My eyes were wide open, I moved to a place in the United States that felt like another country. I began photographing this sense of culture, politics, and difference. I photographed the tiny elements of everyday things that were the surface elements of a darker humanity. But I also photographed the beautiful Alabama skies looking in all directions to try and make sense of the place.